Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another overdue blog update without any cool pictures. (I added one)

What is going on in my life?  Well I will tell you even if you weren't asking.
1.  The table saw project that I blogged about a long time ago, I also finished a long time ago.  I couldn't find the pictures i took of the final setup, but it ended up working really well and i can move it around really easily when we have to clean out the garage every time Maggie goes to the bathroom in there (which is like every day).
2.  We got a new puppy named Maggie.  We weren't sure about her at first, but she has turned out to be a lot of fun and really crazy and energetic.  I have probably talked about this already, but I don't re-read the things I write, so sorry for the redundant news
3.  I started a new project a few weeks ago.  We pulled out the shower in our upstairs bathroom because it was broken and also a piece of junk.  Our new one we just ordered just came in today!  I am going to try to get it put in before we start getting guests for wedding related things.
4.  I built a new home theater PC.  That news is kind of boring, but i am excited about it.  We don't have TV at our house, so this is a big deal for us (kind of).
5.  We just moved some flowers around our yard and are hoping that they don't die because we moved them kind of late into the season.  We are hoping to get started on working on our yard and landscaping, but we have just been jam packed with wedding stuff.
Thats not all thats going on in my life, but thats a good enough update for now for the few people that read this.

I will get some pictures up of things going on because pictures are always more fun to look at.  I know that I prefer them to reading generally, so you all probably do too.

Heres a photo of Maggie to tie you over till I stop being lazy and put more up:


  1. Maggie is so cute. :)
    Ben would be really excited about your home theater pc.
    When's the wedding?

  2. I liked your blog....AND your dog! Am looking forward to seeing you all and your house on March 26--wedding shower day.