Wednesday, January 19, 2011

(Started off as a) Quick rant that you will probably not read...

I really hate that my bank automatically locks your account after typing your password in wrong twice.  I mean, I realize its for security, but honestly, I think it would take a "hacker" more than two tries to guess your correct password, which he would never try doing anyways because he would probably be more interested in stealing a bunch of credit card information that would actually get him somewhere other than being able to see my checking account information.  I mean you cant even get any information in the e-banking including your account number.  All he would get would be how much money I have that he cant steal because you cant do anything with the electronic banking other than look at how much money you have and transfer money between accounts...

Anyways enough of that.  So this is only irritating because I regularly type in the wrong password just because I have about 4 passwords that are similar, but the one I type the most is not my banking password.  Since I usually don't think about it the first time I type in my password, I just automatically type in the wrong password.  The trick is to catch myself before I mindlessly type in the wrong password 3 times to lock my account (which sadly, I do a lot)

The real problem is that they have a password reset option which I setup myself in which you type in both a question and an answer.  Pretty standard right?  Well, it just so happens that when I saw that, I thought - I will never need this feature because I always know my password.   Because of this, i typed in the most random question into this box because I had a song tune in my head-  "Whats your flavor , tell me whats your flava".  So I typed that into the box, Whats your flava?.  So now, every time I lock myself out of my bank account, which is at minimum once a month, I have to type in all these facts to verify my identity so that I can reset my password only to be stopped by the question, Whats your flava?  I have no idea what answer would have popped into my head when I was thinking about that question, so nevertheless, I always have to end up calling the Bank and having my password reset.  (You think I would have changed this by now, but I haven't)

The point to this whole blurb is this:
1.  I hate having my account locked automatically because I don't pay attention when I login to e-banking.
2.  I have no idea what my "flava" is.
3.  I am listening/watching  the Craig David - Whats your Flava music video on youtube trying to figure out what in the world I was thinking, without success.
4.  I regret setting my password reset question to "What's your flava?"

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