Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Shack: A Beginning and End.

About two weeks ago, Marn and I decided to tear into the shack because we have had this big plan on remodeling it into a guest house / rental for a while now.  It was in pretty bad shape, so we were planning on a full remodel where we would pull everything out down to the studs/joists and start from scratch.

TECHNOLOGY NOTE (for those who don't know much about it):
If you click on the picture, it will show you larger version.  Especially for you oldies losing your vision (Mom/Dad)

We started off by surveying the current state of the premises.  It was pretty bad:
The kitchen /Bathroom
We had already started pulling up carpet.
 The Living Room/Kitchen
 Kitchen/Living Room - Front Door
 As you can see from the pictures, there was a lot of work that would have to be done.  A lot.  For the flooring, we pulled up two layers of carpet and padding, and there was insulation board, linoleum, and hardwood floors under that.

While i was perusing around, my foot noticed a soft spot in the flooring.
"I wonder why my foot is sinking here?"
I continued on to do what anyone would naturally do in that situation - poke it with a crowbar.
"Holy Smokes!  I just put a hole in the floor!"

Still contemplating on why the crowbar went through the floor:
 After my crowbar went through the floor, I decided to find out what was going on underneath the last three layers of floor covering.  I discovered some nice vintage flooring with a pale pink leafy/floral pattern.  (No you don't have to agree with my color analysis, you can see it for yourself)
 Then I ripped up the floral flooring to find a nice big area of rotting/molding wood joist and floor. (All the white stuff is mold)  I touched the floor joist with the crowbar and over half of it just fell off the bottom. If you look below the wood floor, the white strip going through the bottom is the floor joist, and its got a nice thick layer of rotting mold eating it.  It should be brown and look like wood.
Needless to say, this threw a brick at our window of dreams of remodeling the place on a small budget. In the end, we came to the decision that we are going to demolish the house by sledgehammer and saw, and send it off to the house graveyard in a giant dumpster.  So far, I have gotten all of the utilities removed from the house, so it is just awaiting its ride to the house graveyard (that's the dumpster).  I will update some pictures when we tear it down.  So long, old moldy little shack.  Were going to miss having you block the light from our neighbors giant back porch spotlight. <--(for Mike)


  1. I'm gonna retrofit a big spotlight to shine in your window! =)

  2. Mike - You don't have to retrofit anything. It already does that and once the shack is gone it will be much worse! :)