Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Project: Improve Table Saw Stand - Part 1

Yesterday, I started a project that I have been meaning to do for a while now, which was upgrading my table saw stand.  
Issue 1:  The rubber feet that are supposed to keep the saw from sliding during use are not properly adjusted and are generally more of an annoyance than a help.  The feet don't keep the table from sliding because they are too short when the wheels are in the up position (stop position) and so they aren't doing any good.  When they are in the down position (roll position), they typically drag loosely across the floor and get caught on cracks and other things.  
Issue 2:  Because the legs are not braced at the bottom and are made of thin steel, they easily torque and cause the wheels to vibrate and lock up or pop into the up position.  It is almost impossible to move the table saw without a huge effort and resetting the wheels once or twice.

An Image of the Existing Condition of the Stand.

The Plan:  Using some 2x6 boards, construct a lower frame and bolt the stand onto it.  Relocate and remount the wheels so that they are more secure and will not torque/vibrate/lockup.  Remount the rubber feet onto the the new frame.

Getting the supplies.

In my original plan, i was going to create a square frame using lap joints at the frame intersections and bolt/glue the pieces together along with attaching the metal frame.  After some thought, I revised my original plan to a shape that looked more like a roman numeral 2 ( II ).  I am happy with the results so far.  I still need to attach the wheels to the new base.

The new base bolted to the frame with the rubber 
feet installed.

The new base without the wheels installed. (And
Barley's nose in the lower left)

The result so far.
The new base is much sturdier
and does not wobble at all.  I am hoping 
this resolves all the issues I was 
experiencing with the wheels.  I will
update once the wheels have been reattached.


  1. How much rolling around does that baby get?

  2. Enough to be annoying when it doesn't work!